Veterinarian Tips: Hidden Hazards of Halloween

Boxer dog wearing wig and sunglassesFortunately, most pet owners know about the dangers of chocolate, but a comprehensive approach to Halloween pet safety goes beyond the candy bowl. Sure, there are plenty of obvious hazards out there, but there are also more subtle risks to remember.

What’s in the Treat Bag?

Goodies from a Halloween party or trick-or-treating should be given a thorough inspection. You’ll likely see a vast amount of chocolate (a huge no-no for your pet due to the theobromine and caffeine content), and you might have treats that contain Xylitol. An artificial sweetener, Xylitol is highly toxic to animals. It’s critical to seek emergency care to prevent low blood sugar or even liver failure. Similarly, treats with raisins should be stored or tossed.

Dangerous Packaging

Speaking of treats, your pet may find wrapping or packaging tempting to play with or sniff. Accidentally ingesting foil or plastic can lead to choking, internal injuries, and gastrointestinal obstruction. Continue…