Play Group Club

Members Only Play Group | Socializing | It’s Party Time!

Play Group Club is a members only dog socialization club with a core group of well-balanced, friendly dogs. Think of it as a members only doggy park, except that it is supervised by group play experts (counselors trained in dog body language), and managed by certified Trainers.

Who can attend?

Graduates of the Basic Obedience Levels Training 1 – 5 are welcomed by invitation.

Puppy Play Group Club

Puppy Play Group Club is a puppy socialization club with a core group of friendly puppies, who are regular attendees of the off-leash group puppy classes.

Who can attend?

Puppies who attend off-leash group puppy classes, and/or have graduated the Basic Obedience Levels courses 1 – 5. Puppies that have their first round of shots and given a clean bill of health from Dr. Sam.

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