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Training and Daycare

Positive Training

At All Pets Canine Training Center, we believe good leadership is at the heart of good dog behavior. As a result, we are committed to working with pet parents, to fulfill both the needs of clients and their pets. By providing essential handling skills, our goal is to provide pet parents with the hands-on experience necessary to continue training long after graduation. Using scientifically sound, positive, and humane training methods such as clicker, lure, reward-based, positive reinforcement, and other progressive methods, we are committed to making training both fun and fulfilling for all involved.

Positive Training creates an environment where your pet thinks for themselves with your guidance.

What Makes Us Unique?

Dog training at All Pets Canine Training Center is a unique experience. We work as a team by integrating veterinarians, daycare playgroup experts, trainers and behavior consultants, to offer innovative programs such as:

  • Advanced Training/Behavior Modification:

    Training to address canine issues such as fear of nail cutting and veterinary visits, to more serious issues such as separation anxiety, dog-on-dog aggression, human aggression, fear, and obsessive compulsive behaviors.

  • Fit and Train Day Care:

    Designed for parents who have a demanding work schedule, and would like their dog to have more activity and training during the day.

  • Play Group Club:

    A members only dog socialization daycare program with a core group of well-balanced, friendly dogs.

  • Off-leash Group Puppy Classes

    A group class every Friday, 5:30 – 6:30 pm, which teaches your puppy essential skills such as off-leash reliability, bite inhibition (how to have a soft mouth), and preventing fear-related issues like aggression and anxiety before they start.

  • Breeder Program:

    Working with local breeders and rescues to pre-train, socialize, and house break their puppies for clients who are interested in adopting healthy, trained, and well socialized puppies.

All Pets Canine Training Center is one of the few pet care facilities in New Jersey, where Veterinarians work in partnership with dog trainers and behavior consultants, to work through difficult dog behaviors. We provide rehabilitation for dog aggressive or human aggressive pet dogs, as well as, for rescue dogs that need a forever home.

All Pets Canine Training Center is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and hosts workshops to educate leading pet care professionals about dog aggression and fear-related issues. Here at All Pets, we understand that many pet dogs and their parents struggle with these issues, and we are committed to providing solutions.

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