OFA Testing

Utilized by the majority of canine breeders, this procedure determines medical soundness for breeding through identification of joint dysplasia or other specific abnormalities. OFA is short for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. You can visit this non-profit organization’s website at for more information on their mission.

Penn HIP

PennHip (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) is a non-profit program, wholly owned and operated by the University of Pennsylvania. PennHip incorporates a new method for evaluating the integrity of the canine hip. It is accurate in puppies as young as 16 weeks of age. It has great potential to lower the frequency of CHD when used as a selection criterion.

Breeding Soundness Evaluation

Our staff performs the necessary tests to assess if your dog is sound for breeding.

Stud Services

We can answer any questions and generate a plan as to how to best manage your studs breeding.

Pyometra Medical Therapy

Pre Breeding Requirements

Here at All Pets we require all breeding patients to be in good health and currently have a negative Brucellosis test within the past 6 months. If your pet is not up to date we can submit the test at your pet’s first appointment.

We strongly suggest pre-breeding health screenings for heritable conditions. You can find a list of recommended genetic testing for your breed with the OFA Canine Health Information Center at Please take into consideration that if we detect health diseases that could cause your dog to have an unsafe pregnancy.

Examples include vaginal prolapse or hyperplasia, cryptorchidism (retained testicles), significant airways disease, and functional heart murmurs. We may also recommend or require additional testing prior to breeding if an abnormality is noted from a previous physical exam.