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Boarding Services

At All Pets Veterinary Hospital, our boarding accommodations are designed to make your pet as comfortable as possible while they are away from home. We offer boarding services to all of our pet patients every day of the week, under the care of dedicated staff who will treat your furry family member as one of their own. Kisses and cuddles are free of charge!

 Pet Boarding Services in Branchburg, Bridgewater and Surrounding Areas

Your pet’s happiness and well-being are always priority number one. With comfy canine and feline accommodations located under the same roof as our top-tier medical services, you can rest easy knowing a veterinarian is never more than a paw’s reach away if your pet ever needs medical attention. You will always be notified before any treatment of your pet.

Our spacious kennels come with a slightly raised cot for your pet’s comfort. We encourage you bring your own food, toys, and blankets so your pet feels like a part of home is with them. Don’t worry, we also have our own wet and dry food, toys, and blankets we can offer your pet if you don’t bring them with you.

All Pets Veterinary Hospital offers:

  • Canine Boarding
  • Canine Rehab
  • Canine Playtimes
  • Cat Boarding in Condos
  • Indoor cat exercise area
  • Outdoor dog play facility
  • Discounts for extended stays

You may request additional services such as grooming, bathing, exams, or vaccinations to be administered during your pet’s stay.

Please Note: All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella) and be parasite-free in order to board with us. Cats must be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, and be flea-free at the time of their stay.

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