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Reproductive Services


The reproduction program at All Pets Vet Hospital provides canine reproductive services for all of your needs including breeding management, male and female reproductive examinations, estrus cycle timing , semen evaluations as well as storage and shipping coming soon, transcervical and Mavic insemination, frozen semen, ultrasound examination and cesarean section. We also provide surgical and medical treatment for most conditions related to the reproductive system including neonatal care. We offer the most up to date diagnostics, treatment, and reproductive medicine techniques with state-of-the-art equipment. As a team, we work to ensure our patients receive the best comprehensive care possible.

First Initial Visit

Your scheduled appointment will begin by your pet being checked in at the front desk which will include a small amount of paperwork. Following the paperwork, Dr. Sam and our skilled technicians will collect your animals history before performing a physical exam. The scheduled procedures will be performed and any diagnostic tests will be submitted to the lab in our office. We will go over results within the same appointment.

For more in-depth information about our reproductive program, please visit International Canine Semen Bank of New Jersey.


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