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Dog Boarding

Playtime and pampering sessions give your pet the special love and attention they deserve. Your dog will enjoy daily one-on-one playtimes with one of our caring staff members.

Playtime options include:

Dog training at All Pets Canine Training Center is a unique experience. We work as a team by integrating veterinarians, daycare playgroup experts, trainers and behavior consultants, to offer innovative programs such as:

  • Doggy Group play:
    • Once or Twice a day for 1 hour per group
    • For dog friendly dogs
    • Must be spayed/neutered
  • B. A Game of Catch, Frisbee, or Ball:
    • Once or twice a day for 30 minutes
    • One-on-one with our friendly staff
  • C.Treadmill Fun:
    • Once or twice a day for 15 minutes
    • One-on-one with our friendly staff
  • D. Dog Games, Puzzles, and Cheese Search and Rescue:
    • For dogs who love a mental challenge and would like to improve their IQ and nose work.
    • One-on-one with our friendly staff using Nina Ottossen's interactive dog games.
  • E. Busy Bones:
    • We will deliver daily delicious treats in a Kong or offer your dog bully sticks to fulfill your dog’s desire to chew and keep your pet entertained and happy!

*All dogs signed up for playtimes get to run free and romp in the yard all day, every day, weather permitting.

We are happy to offer group play for dog friendly dogs in our outdoor play yard. Your dog can romp and play in the fresh air with other dogs while boarding.

Our playgroups are matched by size and play style and supervised by staff, trained in group dynamics.

Dogs must be spayed/neutered, in good physical condition, and dog and people friendly.

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