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Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

We offer a variety of tests to help diagnose and potentially treat infertile or sub-fertility issues in dogs.

DNA Typing for AKC Sampling and Submission

We offer collection of the DNA to be sampled and tested by the AKC. DNA profiles are necessary for chilled and frozen semen breedings.

Bitch Services

  • Ovulation timing
  • In-house progesterone testing
  • Artificial Insemination (AI)
  • Surgical insemination
  • Trans cervical insemination (TCI)
  • MAVIC Insemination
  • Infertility examinations
  • In-house ultrasounds
  • Obstetrics monitoring for complicated pregnancies

Enhanced Vaginal Inseminations

Artificial insemination using a specialized catheter that simulates a natural tie and release of endorphins, and prevents back-flow of the semen.

Surgical Semen Implantation

Semen gets directly deposited into the uterus under a short duration of general anesthesia used primarily with frozen semen. This allows use for smaller breeding doses needed and allows assessment of the uterus for cysts pathology.

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management

Our staff diagnose pregnancy with he use of an ultrasound or blood tests. We also offer gestational staging ultrasounds to assist with an estimated due date.

Other Services We Offer

  • Genetic testing
  • Brucellosis testing
  • Ovulation timing
  • Progesterone blood testing
  • DNA and blood samples for genetic screening
  • Drop in progesterone testing
  • Cesarean section both planned and emergencies

Obstetrics Monitoring for Complicated Pregnancies

Using the ultrasound we can monitor the health, growth and sustainability of a pregnancy. We will be monitoring the gestational age of the neonates as well as placental health, possible resorptions and heart rates. Our in house progesterone machine can determine the bitches progesterone level and supplementation can be administered if her levels are too low to maintain a pregnancy to term.

With some breeds, particularly brachycephalic breeds like Bulldog, C-sections are commonly expected and sometimes even scheduled. In some situations a c-section may also be planned if your dog is expecting a big litter. To safely and accurately determine the best day for a planned c-section, we go by the date of ovulation, not the breeding dates. Sometimes, a c-section is not planned but becomes necessary. Difficult deliveries of large or malpositioned pups may also require intervention.

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