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Puppy Group Classes

Off Leash | Socializing | It’s Party Time!

At All Pets Canine Training Center, we socialize puppies to turn them into confident adult dogs that can be taken anywhere. In order to socialize your puppy you must introduce anything that they will encounter in their adult life in a positive way. Your puppy’s first associations are formed at 7 to 17 weeks of age. This is a small window, so the sooner the better!

Off-Leash Group Puppy Class:

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All Pets is one of the few training centers that offers off-leash group puppy class. This will socialize your puppy and teach essential skills such as off-leash reliability, how to have a soft mouth, and preventing fear-related issues like aggression and anxiety before they start. The focus of the class will be to socialize your puppy with as many people, children, and dogs as possible, while teaching essential skills for your puppy to live a happy life. Classes are held every Friday 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. at All Pets Canine Training Center. Puppies registered for Fit and Train Day Care on the same day can also participate.

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