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Weight Loss and Fitness Programs


Feel The Burn!

At All Pets Vet Hospital, we believe canine fitness is an important part of pet training. Over 53% of dogs and 55% of cats are overweight, and many of them are not getting enough exercise. Starting in Spring 2014, we are offering Fit and Train packages, as well as, free nutrition and fitness counseling for clients who register for training or for Canine Cardio Week.

Kitty Cardio Week

Who says dogs should have all the fun? Cats also need exercise and play to be healthy and happy. To meet that need, All Pets Vet Hospital has created a weight loss program which includes a week of fitness and play, a complimentary diagnosis for nutrition and weight loss with our head veterinarian, and a fitness consultation with the head trainer.

Options for your cat:

  • The First is Boarding and Rehabilitation for cats with special medical needs, senior cats, or cats recovering from surgery
  • Options include Companion Laser Therapy
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • The second option is Boarding and Weight Loss, which includes activities geared towards helping your cat shed a few pounds while having the time of their life.
  • The third option is Boarding and Training, for kittens. Yes, kittens can be trained!
  • Kittens are very responsive to clicker training and can be taught basic commands such as "sit" "down" "stand" "turn right" and so forth.
  • Kittens can also be trained to walk on a harness.
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