Pet Laser Therapy: An Exciting Approach to Pain Management and Healing

iStock_000016496555_Large (1)Advancements in the field of veterinary medicine now make it possible to offer many more options to pets living with chronic pain, injury, or illnesses. One of the most exciting developments over the past few decades is the use of photon emitting lasers to stimulate recovery, called companion laser therapy.

Where we once might have depended entirely on multiple surgeries and medication management, pet laser therapy has opened the door to a noninvasive new approach to treatment.

How Does Pet Laser Therapy Work?

Since lasers have been around for decades in modern medicine, you may be very familiar with some of their applications. However, therapeutic laser therapy is not the same as the surgical laser treatment used, for example, to correct vision. Companion laser therapy simply relies upon the wonders of light or photon energy to stimulate the cells, rather than invasively cutting with surgical lasers. Continue…